Since 1971 we have cut a ton of hair - literally.



The best hair stylist in NJ. I am 57yrs old. I've been going to Frances since I was 20 yrs old. That's a long time to stay with a salon, and I wouldn't if I wasn't always 123% in love with the work. Lived through perms, multiple colors, hair loss, hair gain, short, long.....Always satisfied♥♥♥♥ I would sit in a park bench to have my hair done by her.

-Ana Ibis Riveron Shute


I love Frances. I have been going to her for 20 years. I have never left her salon upset. She cuts and styles my hair with precision and I have no complaints at all! As long as Frances is open, I'll be her customer. I've recently moved 4 hours away but I still come back every 3 months to get my hair cut with Frances. Yeah, she's that good! Plus, the ambiance is so fun! People chatting in Spanish or English, drinking cafe, reading People mags, gossip, what an awesome respite from the real world of work, cooking, and cleaning. I have recommended Frances to all of my friends and they'll tell you the same, she is the best!

-Jessica O.

4306 Bergenline Ave., Union City, New Jersey 07087   tel: (201) 866-9753 or (201) 867-4869